Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Man Went Out To Knit

We begin our homeschool days with a few verses of Scripture.

Yesterday I read aloud The Parable of the Sower from the 8th chapter of Luke. It begins "A sower went out to sow his seed:". This dumbfounded my students, so I immediately stopped and explained that sowing seed meant planting, and that even when Daddy plants his seeds, he will be sowing them. It is not sewing as with a sewing machine.

It all made immediate sense to the Form I kiddos, so I re-read the sentence and continued with the parable, followed by a request for narrations.

Now, Honey doesn't want to be left out of the fun, and has been occasionally asking if she can narrate as well. After Son & Sissy were finished with their narrations, Honey asked if she might narrate.

"Sure! Tell me all you can remember about the story!"

And the adorable four-year-old replied "So, a man went out to knit."

Children are so fun.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Wet Diapers... Wet Beds

This morning, Sissy was crying and I went upstairs to take care of her. She had woken, removed her wet diaper, and got back in bed, but was needing help with the covers. I asked if she wanted a dry diaper on. No, she didn't. I told her if she wet again, but without a diaper, everything would get all wet and yucky. She still didn't want one. I didn't want her to fully wake up and then keep me up and be whiny. So I let her try it. Fortunately, she didn't wet again.

She has been coming downstairs naked in the mornings, wanting her day clothes. And the other night she was crying and I went up to help her and her bed was very wet. I assumed she'd wet through her diaper. Now I'm wondering if that's really what had happened. I haven't been up and down the stairs much at all lately. They aren't the best stairs, and when I'm pregnant and off-balance, I've had small mishaps on them. I don't want any big mishaps, so I've just been avoiding them. I'm wondering how often she continues to sleep in a wet bed. I'm wondering how many wet beds have just dried through the day and been slept in again the next night by the freshly bathed girl.

I'm wondering if I buy her pullups instead of diapers, would she put a fresh one on by herself to avoid these issues? Probably not.


Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Couple Lonely Girls

Honey & I are already missing my Man, Son, and Sissy. They headed out on their trip yesterday. I guess it hasn't been going very smoothly so far. Leaving in the evening was apparently not such a good idea. Every time my Man pulls over to get a little sleep, Sissy partially wakes up and cries & cries. Poor guys. It didn't occur to me when I was talking to him in the night, but this morning, I suggested that if he tried again, to take the quilts I'd sent in case they broke down, and make up a pallet in the back so the kids could actually lay down. He said one thing about the van we bought a few days ago - it's not very comfortable to sleep in (for anybody).

This morning, I got off the phone with my Man at about 6:00. At 6:25, Honey came in and in a sweet, cheerful little voice, said "Mommy. It morning!" I convinced her to snuggle with me, but that only lasted about 30 minutes, and then we had to get up. A few minutes ago, she was looking out the window for a while, and suddenly said "Mommy, where Daddy?" I started showing her a map on google, and acted all excited about their progress, although they're actually not making very good time at all.

Now Honey is telling me "I want Daddy to be here."

This is going to be a looooooong "vacation".

Monday, January 23, 2017

I'm a good Mama :-)

Our chickens have decided to start laying eggs in the last few days.

Also, I was commended for remaining firm yesterday afternoon when somebody offered to buy my 2-year-old a soda. They tried to persuade me for a couple minutes and I just said she didn't really need one just because she wanted one. Some time later, somebody who had been standing by at the time, told me "I was so proud of you for being firm about your little girl not needing a soda. That's a good mama!"

None of it was a big deal, of course. But it feels good to get a complement on your parenting from time to time. :-) I'm guessing she was mainly impressed because I wasn't rude in the least, but I also didn't cave an inch. :-) I don't always handle things that well, but she wouldn't have known, since we don't usually assemble at that location. :-)

Friday, January 6, 2017


I don't remember if I mentioned this before, or not. But my plan was to laminate my current schedule so I could reuse it over and over. I hadn't bought any laminate yet, but I had a couple of 8x10 picture frames with real glass, and thought "You know, the marker will probably wipe off of the glass better than plastic anyway!" So... I cut down the pages (since 8.5x11 won't fit in a 8x10 frame, LOL), and put them in frames. One is a daily schedule, and one is a less frequent. By the way, I LOVE them! :-)

They had both been working great for me, while I was printing a new daily each day. Once I decided to frame them, they became decidedly less convenient. I've determined that the laminate would be almost just as inconvenient, so back to the old page-and-pen version for me. However, I have hit upon one small difference that I think will actually vastly improve the schedule for me - a clipboard! We don't have hardly any clipboards right now - I think just one, and my Man uses it. So I want to buy myself a small, but durable clipboard, and I really think this will help a lot.

I was thinking to get one of the ones that is really cheap, just one thin board with a clip at the top. But it just occurred to me that one of the ones that can hold a few small items inside might actually be better. Three reasons;

1) My "weekly-and-less-frequent" sheet will need to be referenced every day as I fill out pertinent info for the day on my daily.
2) I would like to print several dailies at once, and have a handy place to access the fresh copy each day. (I actually had a system before that worked well... but what could possibly be more convenient than having the copies RIGHT THERE in the clipboard?!!)
3) I usually keep the sheets for a few days as records, until I've recorded the important stuff in a more readable word format. Since I don't journal daily (I used to, and want to start again, but...), then I usually need to keep these for several days to help me remember what exactly it was that we did each day. :-) I have NOT found a good system for storing my used schedules, so this would be the very best reason for a clipboard with storage room. :-)

So those are my thoughts.

There is always something new going on in my organizing plans & habits. LOL. Hey, as long as it's working, then it's not wishy-washy, right?! :-)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

What We Really Need For The Chickens

My Man was home most of the day yesterday, and working in his shop. Son was able to spend hours out there with him. It just makes me so happy that he's reached an age where Daddy can use his help and likes to have him around (i.e. he's no longer impeding my Man's work). Son loves it.

Of course, this morning it was snowing. My Man looked outside to check on the chickens, and then told me how they were doing. Son decided he better take a look as well, and when he came back, announced "What we really need for the chickens is a dog."

After laughter, I told him that one of the ways I can tell he is a six-year-old boy is because he thinks everything is a reason for why we need a dog. He's a persistent little fella! A dog is never far from this boy's mind! :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Some Jan-Jun Goals for upcoming 2017

Once again dealing with sleep issues, I decided to get up and write out my lofty goals for the next 6 months.

Earlier today, I updated a schedule of mine. I absolutely loved the schedule I created for myself in January of this year, and it worked great for me. As needed, I tweaked it and made changes here and there. Naturally, a very busy time of life came and I became unable to use that schedule. However, I continued to create updated versions from time to time, although I never did get back into the swing of using one again. In the last few weeks, I created a new daily schedule for myself. I kept some of the aspects of the schedule that worked so well for several months at the beginning of this year, but I made a few drastic changes as well. I think it will work better for these busy days with uncommon business and projects and goals to be accomplished many of our days.

What I did today, was to create a second schedule sheet that covers weekly needs as well as less frequent things that need to be done (but in my home, are often forgotten). I want to use the new daily and "general" schedules for a week or two, so I can tweak them with any necessary changes, and then I intend to laminate them back-to-back. I can then either find my dry-erase pens, or purchase another set. I am hoping this serves the purpose of reusing the same sheet over and over, rather than printing a new one every day.

I hope this schedule works as well as last year's did! It was so successful, that I feel it has made a change in our life even after it was no longer in use!

As far as the many goals I listed a few minutes ago, to attempt to cover during the next 6 months, I think I will not announce them... I can only take so much embarrassment if they do not come to pass! LOL. I suppose I will mention, though, that I intend to purge, re-purge, and purge AGAIN my entire household. This is something that is so important to me, that I found myself re-listing it again every two months. (January - Household purge & re-purge. March - Household purge & re-purge.  May - Household purge & re-purge.) I'm not even kidding!

That is another thing that has made a vast difference in my life. Beginning last January, I began to "KonMari" my home. I whizzed through the first 3 categories (out of 5 - but the 4th category is the biggest). I did both my items/belongings, and also the kids'. This was accomplished January-March. It actually seems like we were halfway through January before I began, but I can't recall for sure. In any case, I was so pleased with the results, and it has still made an amazing difference! Although it needs done again (supposedly you are supposed to do it once and never need to repeat. Although that didn't quite work, this is still the best method I've discovered so far!).

My current intention is to just start culling down anything & everything that is no longer useful or desirable, until I've gotten this place under control enough to reKonMari, hopefully in one quick shot. I have a lot of stuff in the basement that is already ear-tagged for donations, but I'm finding myself noticing more and more and ever more items that I want OUT. OF. MY. HOUSE. As of now, it feels hopeless to finish my beautiful KonMari cause. So I'm thinking that if I work hard at everything I already know/guess that I want out, then I'll make enough room and brain-space to be able to do the job properly.

I honestly do not know how this will go. But I'm hoping that January will see this first portion fully accomplished. Then in March, I can do the proper KonMari. And in May, I can re-evaluate, maintain, and work on any possible remaining tidbits of junk. Not sure it'll go down this way, but oh, do I ever hope so!